Monday, 13 December 2010

It's amazing what 20lbs can do!

So I got on the scales one cold Saturday morning, lo & behold a 2lb loss!! This brings my total to 20lbs, 1lb off another sticker and 8lbs from my New Year target with 2 more weigh days to go. Fingers crossed for me folks!!!

I've really noticed a difference these past couple of weeks, maybe it's because my dresses are 2 sizes smaller, maybe it's the magic Bridget pants but something seems to have shifted. I'm really happy about it too!

In other news, I have another target countdown- TEXAS!!! Will be flying out mid-March, so here's hoping for my 3 stone sticker before then!! 92 sleeps! That's 10 weeks from when I return from the Vegas. Here's hoping!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I can be good!! haha

-2.5 again this week! yay! Gotta keep it up and hopefully lose another 2.5 next week!!! :) Love how good it's going, and I LOVE how I've ordered 2 new dresses!!!