Friday, 29 January 2010


Yay! So I was a teeny bit naughty and decided to weigh myself yesterday, only one day short of the week, but I couldnt resist the urge hehe.
I'm rather glad I did.
-5lbs for week one! High Five. Soooo happy with my result, I put it to the test and weighed myself again this morning: exactly one week since my initial weigh-in. What a shock I recieved to find that, I was actually -6lbs!!! Thats almost half a stone. I can't keep this grin off my face.

It's not an excuse for me to get wasted over the next two days, but boy oh boy will it happen AND i will do it as calorie-low as I can drunkenly manage.
It should be pretty easy tonight as I have exactly 3 bottles of Coors light (at a lovely 88cals per bottle) and will be armed with JD (62 cals per shot) and diet coke (calorie free). I think I can be bladdered under 500 calories.

Tomorrow however, may suffer somewhat. The only thing I can do, is eat as well as possible tomorrow during the day. Whilst sticking to JD and diet coke all night saturday: Shouldn't really be an issue until Tilly *forces* me into the red stripe group.

I think I might nominate Jess to keep me in line and on the spirits, not that I'm sure she'll mind. haha.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Emotional Struggle?

So, day three and thanks to booking a holiday with my Uni friends, the gym session didn't occur. I'm not disheartened because of that though, I can't put my life on hold to go to the gym haha. However, the STRESS of booking a holiday just makes me wanna cram that entire packet of chocolate hobnobs into my mouth and stop breathing for ten mins whilst i chew.

I didn't do that though, Green Tea is soothing and takes the edge off of cravings. Soozy is cooking me an awesome meal tonight, in fact I must put a reminder on my phone to fetch some of the ingredients haha.

Back to Holiday booking. YAY more thinspiration.

Peace out

Monday, 25 January 2010

Post One: Week One: Day One.

So i'm counting this as officially day one, of week one of my ultimate weight loss plan. Had a really good kickstart, with an hour work out at the gym putting me in the minus calorie count. Always the perfect way to start the day! Though the gym was pretty busy, everyone must be starting this week! hahaha Or maybe it's because I haven't been for a few weeks I forgot how many people attend the gym.
I must thank Alice for forcing me to go in order for her to borrow my Buffy DVDS.

So, I figured the best way to lose weight is the old fashioned way, calorie counting and exercise. Found 'myfitnesspal' application for my phone, which is awesome, it does the hard work for you, and it's handy because I always have my phone with me! :)You can also access it online, for when my eyes are squinty in the morning or when I'm pissed as a fart lol (not that I plan on calorie counting whilst partying it up, making sure I have plenty to spare beforehand sounds like the more rational plan haha)

The reason I'm doing this is that I tend to lose interest and drive after a few weeks of 'dieting' and I figured talking about it on a regular basis would really keep me in line, as well as making records of my losses (and gains, should there be any religion forbid). I also have my 'thinspiration' as Lucy aptly puts it. I have a side piece tattoo I want to get once I feel comfortable enough to actually show anybody my stomach. I have pictures of it in my room, and my purse, so it's there to remind me. :)

Let's hope tomorrow is as good of a day as today! :)
Peace out