Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Before I go to bed...

Before I go to bed, young ones, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the horrific mess that was the Maura Kelly blog on Marie Claire. As a girl who is trying to combat weight issues, and has been all her life. I'm disappointed. Ignorance and even worse, insults are not the best way to get America's obese population to shape up! It's awful that such a usually prestigious magazine can promote such clear bitchiness about some (well, considering the obesity rates in America, let's go for MOST) of it's target audience.

It's sickening that people do not have the freedom to kiss, make love etc to whom they want to without being judged! We love who we love, and we love them 'just the way they are'. I don't tend to care what the hell people think of me most of the time, but placing the idea in someone's mind that the whole world would be repulsed should I choose to show my affection, just because I'm overweight is something that can plague a girl no matter how confident she may be.

After researching your background, it's clear as to why you're so against the 'fatties' that fill your TV screen and walk past you on the street, you poor woman. However, illness is illness, eating disorders are an illness and you of all people should know that they are not easily overcome, insulting people, especially people who are trying to combat their weight issues is just plain mean.

It is not wrong to be 'fat' and in love, I say if you're happy, then keep it that way because in this day and age happiness is hard to come by.

If I never lost another pound but was able to achieve my ambitions and move to America, fall in love or whatever I would die happy knowing that I was created this way and lived life to the full, with a full stomach ;).

Basically, PIPE DOWN.

A decent loss

I was really naughty and weighed myself on my own scales this morning, said -2lbs, so I was jolly. When I got to fat fighters, lo and behold, -2lbs!! YAY. Finally back on track- let's hope for a bigger loss next week so I can be back on my Vegas target!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Confirming that fear...

I was genuinely hoping to prove myself wrong in this post, that my body had been deceiving me this week; however it's true. Half a lousy pound off. It's awful, like failing your driving test :(
It's slightly comforting that it's in the right direction I suppose, but this week better show up some better results for all my hard work!!!

Slowing Down

I thought I would post this before I go to this morning's weigh in- just in case I happen to be wrong and can then congratulate myself. It seems the weight loss process has slowed down somewhat these past two weeks.
I don't know if the novelty has worn off, or my body has gotten used to the food intake and refuses to respond, but last week I only maintained my weight and this week doesn't look much better. I can't feel the difference, maybe that's how it's supposed to work, I don't know but I sure hope the scales disagree with how I feel this week.
If not, I may ask for some more food diary sheets, so I can track everything, just to make sure I'm doing this right!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

14lbs lighter!!

Whoa, lost a HUGE 5.5 lbs this week, which gave me a shiny pale blue sticker for my 1 Stone award!!!! So proud of myself, can't believe how well I've done and how easy it's really been. I just know I can keep it up and have that 2.5 stone sticker tucked away before I hit Las Vegas!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

shiny purple sticker

So, 8.5lbs lighter and the clothes are starting to look a bit big. Shit. Considering I have £0.00 to buy newbies with!!! hahaha
Getting right into this cooking malarkey, chopping and mixing all over the kitchen! All this experimenting is turning out quite well too. Had a tough week this week though & it's not even weigh day yet! Venturing out on Thursday (though I didn't indulge in KFC) kicked the week off quite badly and since Saturday illness has made crave liquid food, and warm food, which is kind of hard when I've been so into my salads so it's been a jacket potato and soup week!!!
Glad i've got these next couple of days off work so I don't feel incredibly tempted by Roast It! haha I pledged to lose 3lbs this week so I sure hope I get on those scales and it's a job well done! (yn)