Friday, 29 January 2010


Yay! So I was a teeny bit naughty and decided to weigh myself yesterday, only one day short of the week, but I couldnt resist the urge hehe.
I'm rather glad I did.
-5lbs for week one! High Five. Soooo happy with my result, I put it to the test and weighed myself again this morning: exactly one week since my initial weigh-in. What a shock I recieved to find that, I was actually -6lbs!!! Thats almost half a stone. I can't keep this grin off my face.

It's not an excuse for me to get wasted over the next two days, but boy oh boy will it happen AND i will do it as calorie-low as I can drunkenly manage.
It should be pretty easy tonight as I have exactly 3 bottles of Coors light (at a lovely 88cals per bottle) and will be armed with JD (62 cals per shot) and diet coke (calorie free). I think I can be bladdered under 500 calories.

Tomorrow however, may suffer somewhat. The only thing I can do, is eat as well as possible tomorrow during the day. Whilst sticking to JD and diet coke all night saturday: Shouldn't really be an issue until Tilly *forces* me into the red stripe group.

I think I might nominate Jess to keep me in line and on the spirits, not that I'm sure she'll mind. haha.

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  1. Lay off the cheeky mem, cheeky's mean.
    -6lbs, that's brilliant, go you! x