Wednesday, 14 April 2010


So I was watching Dreamgirls earlier; omg how effing skinny did Beyonce get? So glad she didn't stay that way- soooooooooooooooo much better being bootilicious!

So I want to simply eat everything again, but I'm not. Salad central at work; though I feel like i'm having a *fat person* week. It's probably because i'm actually trying for a change.

I seem to be drinking loads of water; which on one had is great news, however I feel everyone at work think's I'm insane because I leave the office every 40mins to pee! haha

Started having my Green Tea again in the morning too. I decided I don't have to set off as early for work, so I can sit and have a niiiiice cuppa lol. Also; laughing cow on toast, in jacket potatoes and in pasta is mega. So is pesto. So is cottage cheese. I frickin love cheese- wish it was good for you; though I have to say the lighter mozerella and laughing cow don't taste any different which is mega news.

Right I'm going to drink another eight litres of water hahaha

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