Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lemon Bakewell

Apparantly, they are only 187 calories. They are mega haha.
First time i've been to the gym this week: 30Seconds To Mars is perfect workout music when angry or suffering from some sort of emotional turmoil.

Finding it easier to get my ass to the gym now, if I get ready for the gym as soon as i get up. I have no excuse 2 hours later to say to myself 'I can't be arsed to get ready' etc.

I'm going to the Cinema tonight. aaargh! I know the minstrels will be looking at me, screaming EAT ME EAT ME EAT ME. I've had a late lunch however, so I won't be properly hungry until the film has finished. Let's hope. hahaha I might be a proper geek and take some grapes in my bag with me, Beth will disown my I'm sure. Muhahahaha I'll promise not to get them out, until It's completely dark ready for the movie.

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