Monday, 4 October 2010

shiny purple sticker

So, 8.5lbs lighter and the clothes are starting to look a bit big. Shit. Considering I have £0.00 to buy newbies with!!! hahaha
Getting right into this cooking malarkey, chopping and mixing all over the kitchen! All this experimenting is turning out quite well too. Had a tough week this week though & it's not even weigh day yet! Venturing out on Thursday (though I didn't indulge in KFC) kicked the week off quite badly and since Saturday illness has made crave liquid food, and warm food, which is kind of hard when I've been so into my salads so it's been a jacket potato and soup week!!!
Glad i've got these next couple of days off work so I don't feel incredibly tempted by Roast It! haha I pledged to lose 3lbs this week so I sure hope I get on those scales and it's a job well done! (yn)

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