Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Horrible week

No class this week- had a holiday booked anyway but the effing snow seems to have intervened with all my life plans. I let it off as soon as I get outside though as I can pretend I'm Lucy Pevensie when I walk to work hehe.

Anywho, no fat fighters, but two partays this week (Fri & Sat) so I've got to be incredibly good so I can keep at least 3lbs off during the 14day break! jeez it's been hard this week- and I can honestly say I haven't been my usually good self, but I will weigh myself on home scales tomorrow and record it like I would at slimming world. My weakness this week has been bloody Yorkie brownies! Baked by my sister & aunt which then lead me to make rice krispie cakes for the team at work- one of which I had. Plus I've been having the odd extra slice of bread and maybe more than recommended amounts of cheese! Gah my the snow has frozen my willpower.

I just have to keep thinking to myself, I WILL be good, I WILL be good. Plus I'm having xmas dinner both nights- so I'll have plenty off free food to fill me up without having to have puddings and stuff!!!

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